Free Fax2Email - When a fax is sent to your Free 086 Fax2Email number, the analogue fax is received by the Fax2Email server which converts the document to digital email format and forwards the fax to your email address linked to your 086 number.



- No extra phone lines or fax machine.
- Leverage your high speed internet connection.
- No maintenance, upgrades or repair bills.
- No software to install.
- No consumable supplies needed.- Reduced hidden labour costs.


- Secure and private. Fax never sits idle on public fax machines.
- Convenient. Never need to leave your desk to receive faxes.
- No missed faxes. Delivered right to your email inbox.
- No lost time waiting due to busy signals or unavailable fax machines.
- Electronic filing and quick tracking of all received faxes.
- Always on! Easy to use, just like email.
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